Investing. Prospects of development

PJSC "Kirovograd mechanical plant" is looking to attract investors for the development and implementation of new technologies for the application of tripoli (diatomaceous earth).
Natural zeolites - tripoli - not just high-performance, environmentally friendly sorbents, which are used in almost all spheres of human life - they have a bright future. According to many scientists tripoli (zeolite) is the most promising mineral at the moment, and some even claim that mankind has entered the zeolite century!
Features tripoli Konoplyanskogo field let you receive from the available high-purity amorphous silicon feedstock for solar energy. (silicon content in tripoli SiO² Konoplyanskogo field reaches 87%). This new perspective direction of development of promising energy sources.

Solar cells made of amorphous silicon constitute the thinnest layers of silicon, obtained by vacuum deposition on glass, plastic or metal foil, of high quality. The starting material for the production of amorphous silicon solar cells is a silane (SiH4), the so-called - silicon-hydrogen.
Volumes of production of electrical energy from solar power plants in the world grows annually by 25-30% and a deficit of high-purity silicon is 20-25% annually.
As for the prospects of financial gain, the cost of one ton of amorphous silicon on the world market at the low limit of 12,000 euros.

Prospective Use


Tripoli (diatomaceous earth) are widely used in medicine. Used in the induced disturbances of brain functions associated with poisoning by lead and cadmium. Is an excellent adsorbent and detoksikatorom. Tripoli (diatomaceous earth) removes from the body a number of toxic substances (heavy metals, mycotoxins, radionuclides, products of metabolism). Used for purifying insulin, blood purification, in dentistry, manufacturing medicines in the treatment of gastric diseases and other skin.

Automotive Parts

Brake disks of silicon carbide as a replacement steel wheels - make it easy to adjust the brake gain much harder and lighter than steel, and more resistant to corrosion. New automobile brake discs made of silicon carbide can serve up to 300 000 km without replacement! Infiltrovany silicon in the material used for the production of high quality, "ceramic" disc brakes, as able to withstand extreme temperatures. Silicon reacts with the graphite to "carbon-carbon composite", becoming a carbon fiber-reinforced silicon carbide (C / SiC). Disks of this material used on sports cars, including the Porsche Carrera GT, Bugatti Vevron, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini. Silicon carbide is also used in sintered forms in diesel filters for particulate removal. Our production costs will help sell the carbon discs for the price of steel and install such auto parts including and trucks.

Abrasive and cutting tools

In lapidary workshop of silicon carbide - a popular abrasive because of its durability and low cost. In the manufacturing industry due to its high hardness is used in abrasive machining processes such as grinding, honing, water jet cutting, and sandblasting. The silicon carbide particles are laminated on the paper to create sandpaper.

Engineering materials

Silicon carbide is used as a component of composite armor used to protect the arms and military equipment, as well as a composite element (silicon carbide discs) layered armor bulletproof vests.

Electronic engineering

Sphere of application of silicon carbide - electronics and electrical engineering, pyrometers, astronomy, electronic instrumentation, LED, heating elements, elements of nuclear fuel, steel, catalysts, production of graphene, jewelry and more.

BAA. Therapeutic and preventive products

Study of features of human metabolism, revealed that the switching energy metabolism from carbohydrate type on lipid metabolism are prerequisites for reducing the rate of formation of endogenous ethanol and formation of alcohol motivation. On the basis of the results of research developed and patented dietary supplement based on natural tripoli reduces metabolic dependence on alcohol. Unlike existing analogues action trpelovyh dietary supplements aimed at key pathogenetic links of alcohol dependence, its use does not give side effects. Scientific developments in this area are continuing.

Washing powders

Tripoli is used in the composition of detergents to soften water. Minerals react with water are in calcium and magnesium ions and bind them in the wash time (working as a sponge, due to its structure the structure), so that they can not fall or the laundry or the washing machine parts. Tripoli absolutely neutral components of the powder and, respectively, for man and nature. In the study it was proved that when using a manufacturing tripoli VMS increases detergency (main evaluation index detergent) 18.5%. Tripoli allow to completely abandon the use of phosphates in detergents! Famous cosmetic company uses natural Faberlic tripoli for the production of cosmetics and perfumes. A leading German manufacturer - the company DRECO Werke developed and is implementing a series of washing powders which are based on modern trepelnaya recipe. It is known that in Germany are the most stringent legislative standards and prohibitions of both safety and environmental protection. No doubt for this excellent natural mineral development prospects and a great future.

Examples of using this without exaggeration, a unique product of nature can be infinitely long, as specialists has consistently find more and more new applications for natural zeolites (tripoli).