About Us

In 2014 PJSC "Kirovograd mechanical plant" within the prospects of the innovative project implemented a reorientation of development Konoplyanskogo deposit to delivery high-tonnage products, primarily for the production of agriculture - crops, livestock, poultry farming, fish culture.

The plant is aimed at the development and implementation of environmentally sound long-acting fertilizer, feed additives and other products used to improve the composition of the soil, decontamination of soil and water from chemical fertilizers, heavy metals and radionuclides, increase yield, a significant increase in the stability of crops to drought - reduce the need for watering and moisture in a 2 or more times. And also in animal husbandry for the weight gain, milk production, survival of young cattle, pigs, to increase egg production and egg-resistance egg production in birds.

Test samples of tripoli, taken with Konoplyanskogo deposits were examined in the leading agricultural institutions in Europe. European experts praised the quality of tripoli and were pleasantly surprised by its natural dispersion and chemical composition. In addition, European experts emphasized the high content SiO² - up to 87% - in the composition of tripoli.

The results of geological exploration Konoplyanskogo deposits showed that the volume of reserves, the composition and quality of the breed are not known analogues. Without exaggeration, one can say that the field whose performance is among the best in the world.

In 2014, the planned mining and processing of tripoli in the amount of 30 thousand tons per year. The factory owns a land area of 5.6 hectares with real estate and engineering infrastructure.

PJSC "Kirovograd mechanical plant" is the owner of special permits for extraction of sand, loam, tripoli within 50 hectares of mining lease.


Accessible and affordable electricity, availability of finished houses, industrial buildings complex, developed network of roads.

Availability of human resources

For field development, processing and shipment of finished products from the plant sufficiently skilled.

Geographical and administrative field location

Administratively, the site of work is located in the Kirovograd area on lands Pervozvanovskogo village council, 12 kilometers south-east of the regional capital city of Kirovograd and 23 kilometers from the railway station Lelekovka (Odessa railway).


Export of finished goods produced mainly by road, as well as possible and by rail from the station Lelekovka (Odessa railway).